Update (Saturday, Jan7, 2011 6:34pm): The "Top Picks" for tonight are ready.  Good luck.

How the system works:
Each game is run through my model to see what the projected margin of victory will be.  That projected outcome is compared to the Vegas pointspread to find which games are the best betting opportunities (i.e. the games where the pointspread is farthest off from what my model says it shoule be).

Why VSB?
Unlike all the other sites out there, VSB gives away ALL of it's information for Free!  Completely Free college basketball picks that win at a high rate are all yours, no strings attached. 

Many sites hype their win/loss records but make it very difficult for you to research their past picks for yourself.  Other sites only list their picks AFTER the games have been played!  Talk about Monday Morning Quarterbacking.  At ValleySportsBook, we list our picks for every game and every pick is free. 

Every day, we post our picks for that evening and our results from the prior night.  All 346 Division I schools are scored by the model.

Note: During the first couple weeks of the college basketball season VSB does not list predictions as there isn't yet enough data to provide the model with the necessary stability.  Usually about 12 to 14 days after the season begins, the "Top Picks" are posted.

Picks Here

Below are the results of all the "Top Picks":


2009 Model 2011 Model
  All "Top Picks"2-Star Games3-Star Games4-Star Games   All "Top Picks"
   A-FAV between 4.27 and 5.82A-FAV between 5.82 and 9.68A-FAV w/ Game Rating of 9.68 +   A-FAV w/ Game Rating of 4.91 +
   A-DOG between 13.83 and 15.44A-DOG w/ Game Rating of 15.44 +    A-DOG w/ Game Rating of 8.21+
   H-FAV between 10.37 and 20.25 H-FAV w/ Game Rating of 20.25 +   H-FAV w/ Game Rating of 21.81 +
   H-DOG between 12.01 and 20.20 H-DOG w/ Game Rating of 20.20 +    
   N-FAV w/ Game Rating of 13.41 +     N-FAV w/ Game Rating of 6.74+
   N-DOG between 14.14 and 19.95 H-DOG w/ Game Rating of 19.95 +   N-DOG w/ Game Rating of 0.28+
SeasonMonthWLTPct.WLTPct.WLTPct.WLTPct. SeasonMonthWLTPct.
2008-09Nov1710163%136168%13025%31075% 2008-09Nov    
 Dec238274%97056%101191%401100%  Dec    
 Jan154079%92082%52071%100100%  Jan    
 Feb138062%76054%32060%300100%  Feb    
 Mar   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a  Mar    
 Apr   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a  Apr    
2008-09 Total6830369%3821164%198170%111192% 2008-09 Total000n/a
2009-10Nov276182%213188%42067%21067% 2009-10Nov    
 Dec2318056%1111050%116065%11050%  Dec    
 Jan87053%57042%300100%000n/a  Jan    
 Feb300100%100100%200100%000n/a  Feb    
 Mar0100%0100%000n/a000n/a  Mar    
 Apr   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a  Apr    
2009-10 Total6132166%3822163%208071%32060% 2009-10 Total000n/a
2010-11Nov1815055%1110052%45044%300100% 2010-11Nov    
 Dec2922157%1819149%42067%71088%  Dec    
 Jan000n/a000n/a000n/a000n/a  Jan    
 Feb   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a  Feb    
 Mar   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a  Mar    
 Apr   n/a   n/a   n/a   n/a  Apr    
2010-11 Total4737156%2929150%87053%101091% 2010-11 Total000n/a
2011-12Nov1612057%118058%43057%11050% 2011-12Nov6635165%
 Dec44050%34043%100100%000n/a  Dec4827164%
 Jan                  Jan45044%
 Feb                  Feb    
 Mar                  Mar    
 Apr                  Apr    
2011-12 Total2016056%1412054%53063%11050% 2011-12 Total11867264%
Totals196115563%11984359%5226167%255183% Totals11867264%
        2009 Model           
          3 and 4-Star Games